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Getting A Blue Slip Doesn’t Need To Be Complicated

Takes a lot of training and time to for a  automotive repair shop to become licensed for completing blue slip inspections. Kirrawee Autocare are one of the limited number of Blue Slip inspection stations in the Sutherland Shire. And we can help make the process easy for you.

Our customer have told us that getting a blue slip is often a painful process with lots of trip up points.

We know the process and can make this smooth and fast for you. Just call us and book in for your inspection.

Blue slip inspections Kirrawee

Getting A Blue Slip In The Sutherland Shire

The organisation of vehicle-related formalities and strict registration criteria can be a frustrating process for many when that time of year comes around again. However, in NSW, proper registration procedure is taken seriously whereby every driver and vehicle owner must abide by the road rules and ownership and insurance regulations.

Below is everything you need to know about how and where to get a blue slip, and the differences between blue and pink slip requirements.

An Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report or a (Blue Slip), is a verification document that can be required for a few reasons. Let’s take a look!

Does My Vehicle Need A Blue Slip?

A blue slip is a report certifying that your light vehicle, caravan, motorcycle or trailer meets or exceeds New South Wales safety standards and is eligible to be driven on Australian roads.

You may need to obtain a Blue Slip  for any light vehicle including – cars, motorbikes, SUV’s, light trucks, caravans and trailers.

It is also verification that a particular vehicle meets design or Australian design rule standards.

Your vehicle will require a Blue Slip if:

  • The vehicle’s registration has expired more than 3 months ago..
  • You’d like to drive a vehicle in NSW that’s already registered interstate or overseas and will permanently reside in N.S.W . (The inspection must be completed within two weeks of the vehicle arriving in NSW)
  • The vehicle doesn’t have number plates.
  • The vehicle was previously written-off, but approved again for future registration.
  • An alteration to the vehicle’s records are required – including any significant mechanical modifications, engine replacement, colour change,  seating change  or weight change.
  • The vehicle has defect notices needing to be finalised and cleared.

Heavy penalties can apply for non-compliance. Fines can be over $1650 for driving a light vehicle that’s not properly registered or insured!

Gaining a Blue Slip can be a painful process with great potential for things to go wrong, or to be executed improperly.

At Kirrawee AutoCare, we’ve undertaken many successful inspections on vehicles in the Sutherland Shire, making this process much less of a hassle! So call us about your Blue Slip Inspection

Blue Slip, Pink Slip: What’s the Difference?

Oftentimes there is confusion between blue slips and pink slips and green slips and why you would require either one.

Although both associated processes are designed to determine whether your vehicle is roadworthy, these two verification documents are completely different. Here’s why:

  • Blue Slips are for vehicles not currently registered (expired more than 3 months ago), whereas a pink slip is needed to renew a vehicle already registered in NSW.
  • A Pink Slip is essentially a safety check, required in order to renew the vehicle’s registration.
  • Pink Slips are only required for vehicles over five years old – blue slips are required for any vehicle regardless of age.
  • A Blue Slip is a full, thorough vehicle inspection – a pink slip basically notifies the RMS that your vehicle is safe enough to be driven on New South Wales’ roads.

Other Important Blue Slip Information

Blue Slip Inspection Sutherland ShireA Blue Slip inspection also includes a ‘written-off’ vehicle check. This is to help identify vehicles that have been stolen, re-birthed and to ensure your vehicle meets manufacturer’s standards.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll also need to shop around for a ‘green slip’. This is insurance documentation that covers injury to another person if you’re involved in an accident.

Purchasing a green slip is required by law before you can legally drive the vehicle on NSW roads.

So, What’s A Green Slip?

A green slip is the documentation you are provided with after receiving a Blue or Pink Slip.

  • This is also known as Comprehensive Third-Party Insurance and is a compulsory attribute to motor vehicle ownership in NSW.
  • Prior to registering your vehicle, you must pay for CTP Insurance in addition to your registration costs.
  • Prices for green slips can be compared online using a range of websites, apps or online tools.

How Do I Get a Blue Slip?

Once you’ve sorted out whether or not your vehicle needs a Blue Slip, the next step is to find a vehicle examiner accredited by Roads and Maritime under the Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme. (AUVIS)

Inspection licenses and certification are not just given to any motor vehicle repair center. It takes extensive training and expertise to be fully accredited to carry out AUVIS inspections, so you know you’re in safe hands with us!

AUVIS signIn fact, Kirrawee AutoCare are one of the few Blue Slip inspections stations in Kirrawee and the Sutherland Shire.

Only accredited examiners or mechanics are allowed to inspect your vehicle – they will display an AUVIS sign representing any safety check or related information that they are authorised to conduct. Ask within.

An examiner will check over all the mechanical components of your vehicle. For example, they will check attributes like:

  • Seat belt function
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Lights
  • Both minor and major leaks
  • Steering & Suspension
  • Wheels and Tyres
  • The overall physical condition
  • Engine/engine component
  • Exhaust system
  • Towing attachments
  • Ensuring there are no dangerous/illegal protrusions fitted i.e a spotlight, light bars, rod holders
  • Full identity check.
  • Full design check.

When your vehicle has been passed by the examiner, you’ll receive a report. You must then make a transaction with Roads and Maritime using this report to be approved for registration within New South Wales.

Important: An AUVIS report is valid for 42 days once issued. If registration hasn’t been renewed within this period, you’ll have to get the Blue Slip inspection done again.

Vehicle Blue Slip inspections start from $64 as of the 01/07/2017

Preparing For Your Blue Slip Inspection – A Handy Checklist

There are a few things you can do to help ensure you vehicle passes a blue slip inspection, there are:

  • Clean and tidy the car’s interior (no loose items).
  • Give the car’s exterior a good wash.
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for us to conduct the inspection efficiently we may need to drive your car for up to 10km.
  • Check your basics, lights, tyres. You don’t want to be turned away for a light globe out.

Failing a Blue Slip Inspection

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle fails an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection, you will have 14 days to have the mechanical issues repaired and return the vehicle to the examiner.

The vehicle will be re-examined and hopefully be given the all-clear!

Remember: Your vehicle is not officially registered in New South Wales until it passes an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection, and the necessary transactions are made with Roads and Maritime.

You are not legally permitted to drive a vehicle on NSW roads without all appropriate verification documents.

Call us today to book a Blue Slip or Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection, or to discuss any other vehicle or safety verification documents!


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