Your Car’s Air Conditioning Needs Regular Servicing

Regular servicing of your car’s air conditioning helps to keep you and your passengers comfortable while travelling.

There are often tell tale signs that there’s a problem with your car air conditioning that show it may need a service or a regas. Here are some:

  • There’s a nasty “old socks” smell coming from the vents.
  • The air coming out doesn’t feel cold. Or it does not cool the car or worse still,  it blows hot air from the vents, though you have the dial on cold.
  • It does not heat the car when you want to warm it up on winter mornings.
  • The AC makes clunking or gurgling noises when you turn it on.

Noticing any of these symptoms? Then it’s time to book your vehicle in for an air con service.  Just give us a call and have a chat about the possible causes and how we can fix it for you.

Why Car Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

The AC system in a vehicle has six major parts. The parts include an evaporator, expansion valve, condenser, receiver drier, compressor, and refrigerant.  These all fit together to make it work.

Your car’s air con unit doesn’t just keep your car at the temperature you want, it also takes humidity out of the air. That’s why you can use it to defog the windscreen during the winter months.

It’s often the case, not using the A/C system regularly, the seals and o-rings can crack or dry out. This can lead to the unit not working as well as it should and or losing refrigerant..

That’s why we recommend you use your car’s air conditioning in the winter as well as summer to keep it all in good working condition.

What Our Car Air Conditioning Service Covers

Our licensed  technicians carry out series of checks before carry out actual repairs of the AC. We check the following:

  • The performance of system.
  • The condition of the compressor and condenser unit.
  • The condition of all hoses, wiring and seals.
  • The type of gas in the system.
  • We carry out leak and temperature tests.

Where there’s a problem we will fix it in consultation with you.  We have a full range of air conditioning repair services. These include the following :

  • Repair and service of compressors
  • Repair and adjust all the hoses and pipes used in your air conditioning
  • Replace cabin filters and clean the system to remove bad smells the come from the system.
  • Recharge refrigerant gas with the latest state of the art equipment.
  • Retrofit the refrigerant gas in older vehicles to a new version. This new version is ozone friendly and approved.

Air Conditioning Leak Repair

You need  good training, experience and the right equipment to find and diagnose leak problems in a car’s air conditioning unit.

Did you know that there are some car AC units that need internal lubrication to stop them cracking and leaking?

There’s a simple step you can take to avoid this type of cracking if your vehicle it of this type. Simply run your A/C system from time to time, even when it’s cold outside. Running it lubricates it and reduces the chances of cracking.

Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system running properly? Just give us a call and have a chat about the possible causes and how we can fix it for you.

Regassing  or Recharging Your Car’s Air Conditioning

All air conditioning systems lose some cooling gas over time. For most vehicles, this is about 10% of the total gas each year. After a few years, your A/C system will not be working as well as it should  – even if everything else is in excellent condition.

Take a look at the air conditioning section of your car’s handbook. You will see the manufacturer’s recommendations about how often you need to get the car’s air conditioning gas recharged. Hint it’s not never!

Recharging your car’s air con system is not a DIY job. You need the correct evacuation and recovery equipment. This is because you can get severe chemical burns from the release of refrigerant into the air.   You should leave it to the certified professionals at Kirrawee AutoCare.

Cleaning Up The System

Has this ever happened to you?

You turn on your car’s air con, and everyone in the car starts taking sly looks at each other?

If the air coming out of your unit smells bad, it’s time to get your AC system cleaned at Kirrawee AutoCare.

There’s a set of filters in your air con system and these get clogged or even blocked at times. And this contributes to the musty smell. A blocked filter may aggravate health problems.

For example, pollen is often the cause of the blockage. And pollen can make some asthma conditions worse. Other things that  build up in filters are; exhaust emissions, fungal spores, carbon particulates, and industrial dust.  These can contribute to health issues

A skilled technician can clean or replace  the filters to remove bacteria and pollen and freshen it up. It should be done according to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

A clean pollen filter and system ensures that high-quality air is pushed into your vehicle cabin. It also ensures that windscreen does not mist up during winter and autumns.

New pollen filter gives you optimal protection from pollen, dust, and emission of harmful exhaust.

It’s a Regular Process

You have regular servicing of the motor, brakes and window wipers of your vehicle. You should regularly service your car’s air conditioning too!

It’s easier and less expensive to perform minor repairs from time to time rather than waiting until there is major damage to the vehicle’s system. This eliminates costly repairs and replacement of units.

It is also good for you when you use the vehicle because you can use it for an extended period. Regular maintenance also enhances efficiency. It enables every component of the AC system to be intact and to run efficiently and effortlessly.

There are other benefits of servicing the A/C system regularly. These include:

  • Reduction of health hazards.
  • Keeping the drivers and passengers comfortable.
  • Maintaining safe operation on roads.
  • It can even reduce the consumption of fuel
  • It sustains the value of the car.

Nobody wants to be inconvenienced by unexpected breakdowns of their vehicle.  And since a car’s AC system has complex parts, it’s important to choose experienced technicians to handle the maintenance and repair.

Trust, knowledge and expertise

Independently owned and operated, Kirrawee AutoCare is a trusted name in car servicing in The Shire. Our staff are trained and certified to the highest level, so they can offer the best quality service and advice.

Book an air conditioning system service by calling us today. Or pop in an visit us 

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