Car Servicing Kirrawee

Car Servicing In Kirrawee

At Kirrawee Auto Care, your car is treated with the loving, tender care it deserves. After all, your car delivers you from one place to another safely. It needs regular servicing to perform optimally and fuel-efficiently. We also believe in educating our customers on the importance of car servicing.

How Often Should You Take Your Vehicle for Car Servicing?

This perhaps is the most common question car owners ask. Surprisingly, different sources offer different answers. It’s little wonder that automotive clients can become confused.

Most car owners travel approximately 15,000 km annually. It’s a good idea not to wait until you have added these kilometres to get your vehicle serviced. Even if you rarely take out your car out of the garage, it still needs the bare minimum of oil change and tyre check services.

The frequency of car servicing depends on the age of the vehicle and the kind of fuel you use. Older cars need to be serviced every four to six months, while newer models need to be serviced every 6 months or 10,000 km or while under warranty whatever the manufacture recommends

If you tend to drive long distances, or your car is frequently used, it needs specific forms of service. Speak to a trusted auto mechanic to find out which services your vehicle needs. The best way to avoid expensive future repairs is to stick to your individual repair schedule.

Why is Car Servicing Important?

When you drive, the car’s lubricating fluids deteriorate. They need to be changed to ensure minimal wear-and-tear of the moving parts. Furthermore, other parts – such as the radiator (an integral part of the cooling system – need regular topping up. You also need to check the tyres regularly, as incorrect tyre pressure or alignment can turn your car into a monster to drive.

During car servicing, the mechanic changes oil, checks tyre pressure, tops up all fluids and checks the brakes, battery condition,  This works as preventive maintenance and ensures your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. Also, regular car servicing helps to prolong the life of your car. You save money on fuel, towing cars, rental cars and expensive repairs.

What Should the Workshop Do While Servicing Your Car?

When you take your car to an automotive workshop for servicing, the following should be the norm:

  • checking and topping up all fluids levels (if needed)
  • inspecting belts and hoses for damage and wear and tear. If signs are noticed, they should be replaced at once
  • checking the battery electrolytes to ensure the level is right
  • checking the battery leads for corrosion and rust (usually, four-year old batteries should be replaced)
  • inspecting brakes and pads (they should be replaced when the lining reaches 2mm).
  • inspecting the brake system for leaks
  • flushing the cooling system (every two years) in order to keep the engine temperature down and corrosion at bay.
  • maintaining the appropriate tyre pressure
  • rotating tyres to ensure even wear
  • assessing wheel alignment during tyre rotation
  • checking the air conditioning system for airflow and leaks
  • reset service reminders
  • checking all lights, wipers, washers and horn

Finding the Perfect Garage

Finding the right automotive workshop is the key to getting your car serviced properly. A good workshop is one that is transparent, offers fixed-price quotes and communicates with its customers. Such a workshop is genuinely worried about customer satisfaction and does not believe in overcharging customers for repairs and car servicing. A good and reliable garage also has no qualms about offering guarantees for the work it does.

If you are looking for the right mechanic for your vehicle, contact Kirrawee Auto Care today. We offer our valued customers fixed-price quotes along with a 12-month parts and labour warranties.

With those kinds of guarantees, you simply can’t go wrong at Kirrawee Auto Care.