You might worry about going to a mechanic when you have a car problem.  You never know the cost of the car service until the mechanic hands you the bill. At Kirrawee Auto Care, we have done away with the ambiguities and uncertainties.

We offer fixed-price quotes for car service and repairs, so that you know precisely what it will cost you.

Fixed and Honest

You never have to worry about excessive costs for car repairs and service. There are no nasty surprises. You only pay what was quoted. Don’t worry about hidden costs.

At Kirrawee Auto Care, we place a lot of emphasis on transparency. Once we complete your vehicle inspection, we produces a fixed-price quote. In addition, we also offers a 12-month parts and labour warranty and a personal guarantee Now, isn’t that a comfortable way to do car repair business?

Fixed Price Car Service

Know where you stand with our fixed price service

Pre-Purchase and Warranty Inspections

At Kirrawee Auto Care, we offer the following car inspections by a highly-trained and qualified inspector.

Qualified Pre-Purchase and Warranty Inspections: $120.00

Fixed Price Car Services

Enjoy the following fixed-price services for your car and rest assured of superior workmanship and on-time delivery.

The Interim Full Lubrication Service:

This service includes:

  • Replacement of engine oil and oil filter.
  • Up to five litres of premium semi-synthetic oil.
  • Check and top up all under bonnet fluid levels.
  • Greasing all steering, suspension, drive shafts joints (as necessary)
  • Check all tyres’ condition and pressure, including the spare tyre.
  • Battery condition check.
  • Checking all tyres’ condition and pressure, including the spare tyre.
  • Battery condition check.
  • Inspecting brakes, suspension, steering, drive belts and shafts, as well as transmission.
  • Lube door locks and hinges check.
  • Road test with a provided
  • Full written safety report


* Note: Some SUVs, 4WDs, vans, commercial and some imported vehicles may be subject to a surcharge.

Bring your car today to Kirrawee Auto Care for a free inspection. After the inspection, we would be happy to offer you a fixed-price quote. With us, you always know what we are going to do and how much you will be paying at the time of delivery. We do not believe in overcharging our customers or adding hidden costs to our quotes.

If you need an honest, friendly, reliable and reasonably-priced car service, call us today at (02) 9521 4778 and book Kirrawee Auto Care’s fixed-price service.